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Pack of 55 Original Bible Cards - Generations Edition

Pack of 55 Original Bible Cards - Generations Edition

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About Bible Cards

With Bible Cards you give kids the opportunity to learn important spiritual values, principles, characters and bible verses which they can store in their thirsty hearts. These cards present opportunities for salvation, discipleship, prayer, deliverance, etc. You can’t go wrong with Bible Cards!

Trade or Give Bible Cards

Bible Cards are fun to collect in a binder, trade with friends, or play! You can trade characters or entire character sets for other character sets.

Bible Cards also come with ExtraBonus friendship cards which can be given freely to your friends while ensuring you have a complete set of playable Bible Cards.

Play Bible Cards

Shuffle all the cards in the deck. Distribute 5 cards to each player. The remaining cards are the draw pile. The first player asks any other player for sets (key, weapon or character cards) that will complete their set. If they get that card or cards in the set they keep playing by asking another player for cards. When the player completes a character set they lay it down. If they don’t get the card or cards then they must draw and the next player plays. The wilds cards can be used to ask all players for a character set. Whoever has the most complete character sets laid wins when no cards remain.

Other Uses for Bible Cards

  • Trading, collecting, gifting, prayer cards
  • Become a trader or collector
  • Each card has a bible verse on it and can be used for bible memorization
  • Bible Cards can be given as rewards for good behavior at school, for starting Bible Card trading clubs or groups
  • As gifts to family members and friends
  • For participation rewards at Sunday School
  • For personal outreach and evangelism
  • For trick or treaters, holiday stocking stuffers and more!

What's Included?

  • 55 original Bible Cards created by The Fullers

Card Specs:

  • 2.5"×3.5" (63.5×89mm) (55 Cards)
  • Card Stock: (S33) Superior Smooth
  • Card Finishing MPC

Watch Gameplay:

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