About Us

In 2022 Ted, Aaron, and Caleb Fuller sat down at their mac computer and started designing Bible Cards with a comic generator software. Thus the Bible Cards world began.

 The original Bible Cards actually never made it to press! Ted and Aaron had deveoped many cards but the software wasn't suitable for making them printable! So after we switched to Canva, we were able to take the Bible Cards much further and produce a full set of Bible Cards. The first set had some errors and was really a rough draft. Then we fixed those errors and came up with another set. Then from there we ordered a non-glossy set and did further refinements. Bible Cards are still a work in progress but they are playable and can be traded too. Ted is currently working through the creation story of the Bible. These will be primarily trading cards only as many kids just want to collect and trade the cards.

About the Generations Set

Bible Cards were created by The Fuller Family as a simple card game that introduces different Bible characters and stories. Currently the Bible cards that are available are called the "Generations" set. This set has 55 cards with a mix of Character, Key, and Weapon cards for playing or trading. Bible Cards is suitable to play for anyone about 5 years old and up. The Bible Cards can be traded by younger ages as well. Bible Cards are a fun and spiritually rewarding game for all!

How do I know my BibleCards are real?

All Bible Cards will have the "100% Original" seal on the back. They will also have the website address "BibleCards.ca" and "Created by the Fullers" printed on them.