BibleCards are fun to collect in a binder, trade with friends, or play! You can trade characters or entire character sets for other character sets.

How to play BibleCards

Shuffle all the cards in the deck. Distribute 5 cards to each player. The remaining cards are the draw pile. The first player asks any other player for sets (key, weapon or character cards) that will complete their set. If they get that card or cards in the set they keep playing by asking for more cards. When the player completes a character set they lay it down. If they don’t get the card or cards then they must draw and the next player plays. The wilds cards can be used to ask all players at once for a character set. Each wild card can only be used once. Whoever has the most complete character sets laid wins when no cards remain.

What are Extra Bonus (Friendship) cards?

Extra Bonus (Friendship) cards come with a complete set of BibleCards. They are designed so that a player will still have a completely playable game and still give up to 3 cards away. If they don't play the game that is ok too and they can be a trader or collector of BibleCards. Extra Bonus (Friendship) cards are a real BibleCard of any character card and can be played in any BibleCards game. Their value remains the same even though they have the words "ExtraBonus Friendship Card" on them.