Discover the Exciting World of Bible Characters Through an Interactive Card Game!

Bible Cards by design teach your children exciting Bible stories and verses which will help build their faith in God. In the Generations Edition of Bible Cards each character has a key and weapon card so that the player learns what people God worked through for His victories and how He did it!

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  • Playing Cards

    Shuffle the Bible Cards, pickup 5 cards each and begin asking your opponent for cards that will complete your set. If you don't get the set - draw one! Then your partner asks for cards and it continues until all sets are laid. Whoever has the most character sets at the end wins!

  • Trading Cards

    Bible Cards have a built in character point values of up to 100 or infinity for the really valuable characters. Trade Bible Cards based on the point value or just how much you like the card itself!

  • Gifting & Reward Cards

    Each Bible Card set comes with 3 friendship cards which are specifically for giving away. Bible Cards are perfect for evangelism, bible memory verse rewards, and gifting!

Watch The Card Game for All Ages!

BibleCards Generations Edition

The Generations Edition takes your favorite Bible characters and attaches them to their strongest key and weapon cards. There are a total of 55 BibleCards in this set.

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Ignite Bible Knowledge with a Fun Christian Card Game!

Bible Cards were created by The Fuller Family as a simple card game that introduces different Bible characters and stories. Currently the Bible Cards that are available are called the "Generations" set. This set has 55 cards with a mix of Character, Key, and Weapon cards for playing or trading. Bible Cards is suitable to play for anyone about 5 years old and up. The Bible Cards can be traded by younger ages as well. Bible Cards are a fun and spiritually rewarding game for all!

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