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Dunamis Edition Bible Cards - Pack of 22 Trading Cards

Dunamis Edition Bible Cards - Pack of 22 Trading Cards

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The Dunamis Edition presents the gifts of the Holy Spirit in beautiful illustrations with captions to instruct and help kids understand their identity and spiritual abilities in Christ!

  • Includes 22 original trading cards created by the Fullers
  • Card size: 2.5"×3.5" (63.5×89mm)

About Bible Cards

With Bible Cards you give kids the opportunity to learn important spiritual values, principles, characters and Bible verses which they can store in their thirsty hearts. These cards present opportunities for salvation, discipleship, prayer, deliverance, etc. You can’t go wrong with Bible Cards!

Other Uses for Bible Cards

  • Trading and collecting
  • Bible verse memorization
  • Give as gifts to family members and friends
  • Participation rewards at Sunday School
  • Outreach and evangelism
  • Trick or treaters, holiday stocking stuffers and more!
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